Export of any variety of beans from Nigeria to any member of the European Union, EU is still prohibited.

On Thursday, the EU insisted that Nigeria must implement appropriate risk management measures and provide required guarantees before it could export dried beans to Europe.

According to them, Nigeria must meet specified conditions before the ban will be lifted but stated that it was supporting the country in the process that would ensure the lifting of the ban.

Recall that the EU had banned the export of dried beans from Nigeria in June 2015 because the beans contains high level of pesticide considered dangerous to human health.

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An EU representative, Mr. Filipe Amato told a forum in Abuja that the EU welcomed the efforts of the Federal Government in ensuring quality and safety of agricultural commodities.

But he also emphasized that, “the European Commission’s regulation that suspended the import into the EU of dried beans from Nigeria clearly states that Nigeria has to implement appropriate risk management measures and provide required guarantees.”

The EU, through the National Quality Infrastructure Programme implemented by UNIDO, has supported the process since 2016.

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