Only a few Nigerians are interested in breaking out to form another country.

This is the opinion of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris, and he says this is based on personal assessment.

The police boss was in Lagos on Thursday, September 28, for the commissioning of the Muhammadu Buhari Police Housing Estate in Badagry, where he spoke to newsmen.

Mr Idris was of the opinion that Nigerians have no reason to worry as the police and other security agencies are on top of the agitation in the South-East region of the country.

“You know I was in Bayelsa last week and I went around the whole country, obviously to assess the situation on ground and I think what is most important is that Nigerians want to continue to live together.

“Nigerians want to live together as brothers and sisters and I believe as a government it is our responsibility to ensure that anywhere you are in Nigeria, the Nigerian Police is there to support and   assist every Nigerian in the area of security.

“We are committed to our job to safeguard the lives and property on Nigerians everywhere they live.”

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The recent seizure of illegal firearms by the Nigeria Customs at the point of entry into Nigeria has been a source of concern to Nigerians especially coinciding with the agitation for secession.

Many fear that this might be an indication that certain persons are preparing for violence but for the police boss, in another show of confidence, he says the matter will be adequately dealt with.

“I am sure the Comptroller-General of Customs has made a pronouncement on that.

“As security agencies, we are going to investigate the source of those arms to ensure that such things don’t repeat itself again under any circumstances.”

The source of the arms has been linked to a so-called syndicate in Turkey and one wonders when those behind the crime would be exposed.

The IGP in response to this, however, noted that the case has not been officially transferred to the police for action.

“If those criminal activities are referred to the police, obviously we will investigate those components but as far as I am concerned we have not received any complaints,” he said.