Are Nigerians ready to pay more for petrol?

It was 97 Naira per litre - then there was the endless scarcity that almost crumbled the country - then it became 145 Naira.

The report of the Senator Kabiru Gaya-led committee recommended the creation of the National Road Fund, which, it said, should be sourced through extra costs on petrol and diesel.

According to the report, which was signed by 12 out of 15 members of the committee, Nigerians would be made to pay N5 more on each litre of petrol and diesel products imported into the country, as well as on locally-refined petroleum products.

The bill is equally proposing the imposition of the 0.5 per cent charges deductible from the fare paid by passengers on inter-state roads.

The Senate committee equally proposed other sources of funding for the road fund to include axle load control charges, international vehicle transit charges, road fund surcharge of 0.5 per cent chargeable on the assessed value of any vehicle imported at any time into the country, 10 per cent from toll fees on federal roads and 10 per cent of revenue accruing from lease or license or other fees pertaining to non-vehicular road usages along any federal road.

Though the report of the bill was already circulated among senators as it was listed on the Order Paper for Wednesday and Thursday, the lawmakers could not consider it this week because of time constraints.