A former member of the Board of Trustees of the PDP Prof. Jerry Gana says Nigerians are waiting for the party to bounce back in 2019.

Gana, who served as a former Minister of Information, said this on Monday in Kaduna.

He led one of the aspirants for the office of National Chairman of the PDP, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, to a consultative meeting with the North-West delegates.

He noted that the ruling All Progressives Congress were, at the moment, campaigning for the PDP as Nigerians are really hungry.

Professor Gana admitted that the party made mistakes during its 16 year reign and gave an assurance that the party has learnt its lessons.

He asked the delegates to use their votes wisely to elect a leader that would take the party to the promise land.

“Prof. Tunde Adeniran is the man that can do that for the party and ordinary Nigerians.

“When the party wanted to make headway in the South-West in 2003, he (Adeniran) helped us to mobilise the people of the zone.

“Secondly, here is a man, if elected, the ruling APC will not mount a witch-hunt (against him) over corruption charges, and lastly, because as one of the founding fathers of the party, he will move the programme of the party forward.”

Earlier, a former National Chairman of the party, Okweziele Nwodo, urged the delegates to support Adeniran, who he said, had the vision of the founding fathers.

Adeniran, while addressing the delegates, said the North-West remained the political nerve centre of the country.

“I believe if I come to you and appeal to you and we join hands with other zones as your friend and brother, you will support me in the crusade of building a new party,” the ex-minister added.


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