Nigeria has a myriad of problems plaguing it.

From Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast, herdsmen attack in the Middle Belt to calls of restructuring in the South-West and the agitation for secession in the South-East.

In the South-South, militants and cult groups have continued to war against each other, with oil facilities sometimes bearing the brunt, as they battle for supremacy.

But a Catholic Bishop believes the change agenda that Nigerians should pursue is the restructuring of their mindset.

The Bishop of Gboko Diocese, Most Reverend William Avenya, says this mind restructuring is the panacea to the myriad of problems plaguing the country.

Avenya told the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Gboko that agitations for the geographical restructuring being canvassed by many was simply a misplaced priority.


He said it was important for Nigerians to begin to get their priorities right through a restructuring process that involved the mindset instead of the geo-political restructuring.

According him, such a mindset restructuring will enable people learn to emphasise many things that keep Nigerians together rather than those that separate them.

Avenya said restructuring of the mindset would enable people to view issues from the correct perspective.

“We have more things that hold us together than those that separate us as a people; so, why don’t we emphasise those ones rather than the ones that seek to tear us apart.

“In this country, we spend time on symptoms rather than their causes,” he said.

The bishop condemned agitations for the breakup of the country and suggested an elaborate national debate on restructuring.

He said such a debate would highlight the shared values of Nigerians.

Bishop Avenya also bemoaned the current state of the nation, blaming the spate of killings in most parts of the country on “a failed state apparatus”.

“We have all failed either as religious, political, intelligentsia or even as a business class. In other climes, all those vested with the responsibility of providing security of lives and property would have resigned for their failure in this regard.”

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He expressed regret that rather than review the failure of security in the country, people in authority were adamant and refused to tackle the problems.

“Members of the National Assembly representing the affected communities prefer political correctness in the face of such barbaric acts against their people.”

He accused them of greed, alleging that their actions were motivated by personal aggrandisement.