Different reactions have trailed the mistake made by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, January 30th during his presidential campaign rally at Cross River State, when he presented Ndoma Egba as the state gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress(APC) instead of Owan Enoh.

The gaffe was captured in a viral video as the National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole was seen trying to help the President to identify the right governorship candidate, but the President quickly raised Ndoma Egba’s hand, who merely approached him to hand over the governorship flag for onward presentation.

The viral video has since stirred reactions online as some Nigerians have now called on Buhari to ‘retire and rest’.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Uduhemeka “This is so embarrassing, I have no sentiments what so ever for APC but this one has me pitying Buhari for the first time. TBH I wish he was a little more coordinated.

@faroukkperogi “Buhari has shown another classic sign of dementia: inability to recognize d faces of people you got to know relatively recently. In this video, he presented his aide, Ndoma Egba, as Cross River State’s APC “guvernatorial” candidate instead of Owan Enoh. He didn’t know his own aide.”

@Pr8nz “Buhari was out there again presenting Ndoma Egba instead of Owan Enoh as APC governorship candidate in Cross River. This dementia thing isn’t a joke anymore. The man needs urgent medical attention & not parading himself for re-election.”

Buhari in Abia State@BoseTinubu “I Can’t believe Buhari doesn’t recognize the APC ‘governotorial’ candidate in Cross River State. Telling people to vote for someone he doesn’t even know,What a mess! Yet some people still want another 4 years with this one.”

@Solomomapenga “Notice how Oshiomole had to move to Owan Enoh to present his hands to Buhari. Oshiomole knows Buhari has got an infirmity of the mind. They know man is a vegetative puppet.”

@IAGB “So Buhari presents a wrong person as APC gubernatorial candidate in APC. Buhari’s incompetence is making him public ridicule. So sad how any reasonable person will ask anyone to vote for this man.”

@iamtheosaze “This video shows that Oshiomhole knows that Buhari isn’t fit.”

@Akinolatayo “I still can’t believe that we have many learned people cheering this man on. In a football game or any sports for that matter, you bring out your very best to stand a chance to win. Are we saying in a country with about 40M aged 40 and above, this is the best man to rule us again?

@Ammyke “Someone is tired, and the wicked won’t just allow him to go and rest.”

@Ifechukwudejude “This is very embarrassing for a country like Nigeria. It’s unfortunate that power-hungry politicians are using Buhari to remain relevant to detriment of the entire nation. It’s a pity. May God save us from these tyrants.”

@Citadelofsln “Our president is tired and whoever has any ounce of love for him would want him to go and rest.”

@Utengeokorowo “Why people will not allow him to go home and rest. He needs to rest. Chai, again?

@Okeyechezona “I am more worried that Nigerians are not being objective enough to allow Buhari to retire and go back to rest.”

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