Everyone seems to have on eye on the 2019 general elections.

It's months away by people's body language suggests it's just around the corner. Preparations have begun.

The ‘Not to Young to Run’ bill has got the support of the Sokoto state government.

Alhaji Salihu Maidaji, Speaker, Sokoto State House of Assembly, said on Thursday to members of the  ”Not too Young to Run” Campaign, that the house would lend its support towards the speedy passage of the  bill being reviewed by lawmakers at the National Assembly.

He said that when the bill is passed, about 60 per cent of the Nigerian population would be eligible to contest various elective positions in the country.

“It will bring about a healthy competition between various age groups, thereby giving the electorate, a wider range of choices for better candidates to emerge and move the country forward.

“This will also reduce youth restiveness as they will now fight for themselves as candidates, rather than being sponsored to cause political violence to protect the interest of other politicians who do not mean well for the country.

“Moreover, it provides an opportunity for the youths to harness and develop their potentialities in politics,” he said.

Maidaji called on all other state assemblies in the country, to support the bill to widen the horizon of democracy in the country.