Able-bodied Nigerians that have found themselves in Libya, either by personal decision or trafficked, have been reduced to what history only talked about – SLAVES.

A Nigerian costs as low as 794,000 Naira (3,000 Dinars or $2,205) and the situation is just unfolding.

Hundreds of Nigerians have returned from Libya this year, but recent revelations show a near hell situation that they have been going through in the north African country.

It reveals why some of them who had moved to Libya because of a dream to get into Europe have abandoned that dream and opted for a return to Nigeria.

Libya has become the new slave trade zone where a Nigerian is sold for 3,000 Dinars (about $2,205) equivalent to 794,000 Naira.

Sad, barbaric, horrible are some descriptions that have been given to the situation which was first made public by international media.


Some of these returners most times are shielded from the media, but after what Nigerians go through in Libya was made public, some are opening up.

At least 90 of them were rescued of recent from the hands of their task masters who dish out inhumane treatments to them like food.

One of them, who simply identified himself as Destiny told Aledeh that pains, anguish and even worse situations were what Nigerians go through in Libya.

At least 10,000 more are still in prison or underground incarceration.

Many others are forced to go through pains, pummelled consistently, starved and made to go through difficulties in situations similar to that experienced by slaves centuries ago.

Some Nigerians that have returned from Libya recently had deteriorating health conditions and government officials have had to take some directly to the hospital from the airport.

The statement of Endurance, another returnee, confirmed the harsh condition that may have led to such deteriorating health condition. 

He said Nigerians were sold for 3,000 Dinars and were kept in a room with 10,000 people.

They are subjected to sleep as a pair each on a mini-sized, student bed, while they ate Macaroni without oil and are sick without medical attention being given to them.

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Endurance also revealed that two toilets were being used by almost 5,000 people while he also stated that there were 600 Nigerians in his own camp.

Since the CNN published a video showing the sickening slave trade going on in Libya, there have been widespread condemnation of the practice that has again stressed the need for the Nigerian government to act fast to discourage Nigerians from opting for the deadly journey through the desert to Europe.

Poverty has been identified as one of the reasons people are willing to take the risk. They either cross the Mediterranean Sea or die trying.