If your house is on a rail line, you are advised to pack and go.

Development is literally coming and its taking down all illegal structures on its path.

The Nigerian Railway Corporation has started demolishing houses on its right of way for the construction of the Lagos – Ibadan standard gauge rail line.

Over 2,000 shanties were reportedly demolished along the NRC’s right of way, including five churches, three mosques, two preparatory schools and there's more to follow.

The demolition, led by the Chairman of the NRC Committee for the Removal of Illegal Structures, Anthony Onyokoko, started at 8am on Friday, April 14th and it's gaining momentum.

The Managing Director of the NRC, Fidet Okheria says the NRC envisaged that its right of way would be required in the future and was therefore careful in granting approval to people to erect temporary structures.

He said, “We intentionally did not give approval to many people, because we know that one day, the land will be required. So, we have already mapped out those places we need to remove and the squatters are aware.

“We have told them to remove their valuables before the bulldozers start work. The clearance is going to be total.”

Okheria, however, said the affected occupants/owners of any demolished building with valid documents would be duly compensated.