We know Ara as that famed female `gangan’ drummer we love to watch.

However, Aralola Olumuyiwa, is showing interest in other issues outside the music business and it is health.

She wants the Federal Government to place a ban on the sales and use of skin-lightening products in the country.

`Ara’, the talking-drum drummer, told NAN in Lagos on Thursday how bad it is to watch skin-lightening soaps and cosmetics have negative implications on their users.

She said that the decision by the Government of Rwanda to ban the products was a step in the right direction to ensure the sound health of its citizenry.

According to her, placing a ban on the sales of the products may not eradicate its use completely but it will minimise the rate.

“This is a good development which should be replicated in Nigeria.

“We have seen many people who had developed skin cancer, irritation and other ailments as a result of using skin-lightening products.

“The Federal Government should work on this and ensure that most of these products are not produced in the country and ban its importation as well.

“This may not eradicate its usage but will definitely minimise it.

“People who use these dangerous products do not bear the brunt alone, but it also affects their loved ones when users begin to feel the effects of the cream or soap,’’ she said.

Government of Rwanda recently announced the ban on use and sales of cosmetic products for skin-lightening.

“Love the skin that you have,” is the message from the Government of Rwanda in its fight against skin- lightening products.

Francois Uwinkindi of the Cancer Unit in Rwanda’s Ministry of Health said, “We are now putting more efforts into educating people, going around and seizing those illegal products.

“We are joining those countries, which are also into the fight against the use of illegal skin-lightening cosmetics,” he said.

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