In June this year, David Chukwuneke Adindu pleaded guilty to taking part in email scams to defraud thousands of victims around the world of millions of dollars.

It took another 6 months for the American court to decide his punishment.

Now, it has been decided on Thursday that 30-year-old Adindu would spend three years and five months in an American prison.

Adindu was sentenced by an American District Judge Paul Crotty in the American state of Manhattan, according to an announcement from Acting American Attorney Joon Kim.

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You see, Adindu was a smart guy but sadly he could not outsmart the American police.

The police said in a court filing on Tuesday that Adindu tricked victims into wiring more than $25 million into bank accounts he opened in China, where they said the funds would be difficult for victims in the United States to recover.

Gary Conroy, a lawyer for Adindu, said Adindu’s role consisted mostly of setting up bank accounts in China and Hong Kong. He noted that the sentence was substantially less than the 97 to 121 months called for by federal guidelines.

“I think the judge accurately assessed his relatively minor role in this conspiracy,” Conroy said.

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Adindu defrauded his victims by pretending to be executives or vendors of companies, directing employees of those companies to make large wire transfers.

Such scams are known as “business email compromise.”

Adindu was arrested at a Houston airport last year. Prosecutors said in an indictment that Adindu, who during the period in question resided in both Guangzhou, China, and Lagos, Nigeria, worked with others to carry out business email compromise scams from 2014 to 2016.

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