Nigerian babes have really had some bad raps for being gold diggers even though that’s not entirely true.

There are actually some ladies who are willing to hang in there with the guy they love even if he is broke and still hasn’t had his life all figured out.

What do we really mean when we say a woman is a gold digger?

But guess what? Such ladies get verbally bashed by their fellow women for settling for an “I-never-chop,” because they believe if you must be in a relationship; it should be with a guy that can at least take care of you. But that begs the question: ''why do you need a guy to take care of you when you can as well do that by yourself?''

Also, are you going into a relationship simply because of what you can gain or because you have a strong affection for your partner and just want to be with him?

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With that said, is it wrong if a lady has certain expectations from her man? After all, a relationship is like a give and take partnership, so why can’t both parties involved expect to receive some goody goodies from each other?

We know we’re playing the devil’s advocate here, but it is very hypocritical to say Nigerian women aren’t after men for the money when they actually seek out ‘comfortable’ guys to date and leave the broke ones to languish in loneliness.

Although, there are some ladies that have turned their boyfriends into their private ATM and milk them dry for every kobo. Fortunately, there are ladies who respect themselves and their men enough not to turn into beggars with endless demands.

The bottom line is this; it is okay to lean on your man sometimes for financial assistance if you can’t help it. Nobody wants to be yoked with someone who can’t be of help in times of need.

In conclusion, it is absolutely unfair to label Nigerian women as gold diggers because a large number of them are independent and only get into relationships for the sake of companionship. So let’s stop generalizing and only target our criticisms at the women who have turned themselves into parasites.