There are smuggling rings of various kinds.

Some specialise in smuggling sex workers, others drug mulls, while some others specialise in smuggling husbands.

It is the gang that smuggles husbands that came under the radar of German Police on Tuesday.

The Police arrested 5 people suspected of smuggling Nigerian men into the country through fake marriages.

The German Federal police said in a statement, 400 of its police officers raided 41 apartments and rooms believed to be linked to the gang in Berlin and other German cities.

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At the end of the raid, the gang’s suspected leaders, which included 4 women and a man, ranging in age from 46 to 65 were arrested.

Germany’s newspaper, Bild, reported that a German federal police investigation conducted together with Portuguese authorities and Europol had found that at least 70 men were brought in illegally through arranged marriages with Portuguese women.

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, served as a host for operational meetings between the Portuguese and German investigators, the police said.

Clients had paid up to 13,000 euros ($15,550) for fake certificates, with part of the sum going to women who would fly from Portugal to join their “husbands” at the German immigration office to apply for an EU residency permit.

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