Nigeria still owes Redeemers University a whopping sum of $375,000 spent on combating the dreaded Ebola virus during its outbreak in the country in 2014.

The university wants the FG to refund which should have been spent on other researches that can benefit the country and mankind.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Debo Adeyewa made the call in Ede on Monday at a press parley heralding the 9th convocation of the school.

He expressed disappointment in the action of the Federal government after the victory over the dreaded disease, in which the university was at the forefront.

He recalled how they led various efforts geared towards combating the disease, and getting commendation from the World Bank in the process but not the federal government.

"It took the World Bank to force the Nigeria government to recognize our contribution to the fight against Ebola virus.

“We spent US$375, 000 to save this country from the deadly virus and till today, the federal government has not bothered to ask us how to refund the Money. All they keep saying is that we are private university," he said.

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Perhaps this attitude is why the VC believes politicians in Nigeria need certification to affirm their fitness to hold or vie for posts.

He explained that the institutionalization of substandard procedures in all sectors of the country calls for concern.

As far as he is concerned, Nigeria needs to heed the calls for restructuring as it portends a brighter future for the country as it will, according to him, "provide answers to many of our national questions".

"Nigeria is not certified. Our politicians misbehave because they are not certified," he maintained.

Prof. Adeyewa is also the national chairman of the Council of Private Universities Vice Chancellor and Registrars in Nigeria.