The Nigerian government is not taking chances after the WHO reported a case of Ebola disease in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

The Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, has called on health care providers and the general public to be vigilant and intensify awareness on the symptoms of haemorrhagic fevers.

In response to the WHO announcement, he has directed health officials at the ports to step up inspection activities and to report any sick person or suspects.

This is according to a statement released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday.

Such sick persons are to be referred to the chief epidemiologist in the state where present and relevant tests are conducted.

The minister noted that health care providers and the general public must immediately report any sign of illness to public health officials.

He urged Nigerians not to panic saying the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is on ground and equipped to secure the health of citizens.

“The agency has for a while now, been strengthening states capacities to detect, manage and respond to hemorrhagic fevers including Lassa fever and symptoms to look out for include; fever, fatigue, weakness dizziness and muscle aches.

“Patients with more severe cases show bleeding under the skin, internal organs or even from bodily orifices like mouth, ears, and the ears,” he added.

The health minister directed all Nigerian health workers to maintain a high index of suspicion by screening all fevers for Ebola.

State health ministries are also to strengthen their supervision services and escalate any incident appropriately.

He also asked state governments to begin social mobilisation and media awareness via TV, radio, print and social media.