If you are a farmer needing fertilizer for your crops, this news should cheer you, because you will likely continue to enjoy the 5,500 Naira price tag for 50KG of fertilizer this year.

This is because the Federal Government plans to produce at least 1 million metric tonnes of fertilizer this year for the rainy season farming.

It also plans to produce an additional 500,000 metric tonnes for dry season farming.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo disclosed this on Monday while speaking at the 2017 edition of The Platform, organized annually by Covenant Christian Centre.

Osinabjo who spoke on the theme: “Light At the End of The Tunnel” said the increase in production volume of fertilizer was because of the successful deal in raw material sourcing between the Nigerian government and Moroccan government.

He said: “Because of the deal we had with Moroccan government, we are able to blend the fertilisers we need to supply to our farmers.

“We are able to supply farmer’s fertilizer at 5,500 Naira today which is almost half of what it used to be. But more importantly, there is full industry around fertilizer production.

“We are now using warehouses and the seaports. We are even using the rail transport more frequently now because we can move fertilizer.

“And of course, there are thousands of jobs being created just around this new fertilizer industry.  We hope that we will be able to produce about a million metric tons for the rainy season planting period and another 500,000 for the dry season planting period.”