An Evangelist was alleged to have collected N450,000 for prayers to enable the business of Madam Onyebuchi Onwukwe flourish.

But trouble started when she refused to return the money on the specified date.

Abia State born Evangelist whose name was given as Evangelist Chioma Ojukwu, founder of Kingdom Liberation Ministry, 26 Kenneth Echefu Street off Hilltop Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State has been dragged to the Ebonyi State Police for allegedly defrauding a business woman of N450,000 in Abakaliki.

Evangelist Chioma allegedly collected N450,000 from one madam Onyebuchi Onwukwe in March 2017 to conduct prayer so that madam Onyebuchi’s okirika business will flourish.

But after the said prayer, the Evangelist refused to return the money as they agreed on the night she collected the money from her.

The refusal of the woman of God to return the money since March 2017 made Madam Onyebuchi to report the matter to the police in January 2018 seeking for help.

Speaking to Bounce News, Madam Onyebuchi said the Evangelist came to her and asked her to raise N450,000 for her and other men of God to pray for her,  that God revealed to her that the business woman had a burden which she, the woman of God will help her relieve.

She said she rejected the offer on the ground that she does not believe in prophecy and miracles any more but Evangelist Chioma continued to persuade her to go and borrow money.

“I went and borrowed N40,000 from Blessing, the money her husband made from his 911 lorry business, I borrowed N50,000 from one more person, and from another person N70,000, and added them to the one I had and gave her the N450,000. I called the woman who loaned me the N40,000 to come and be my witness.

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“She left that night and told me that she would return the money to me next week so that I can go to the market.

“After the week I called her and she busied her phone. The second week I called, and she said she was still praying with the money at the altar.

“One month after, two months followed, I did not see Evangelist Chioma. I decided to go to her church and ask her to give the money so that I can return the ones I borrowed, all to no avail.

“We dragged it till September and she did not give me the money, so in January I went and reported to police CID,” she narrated.

She further said the woman, at the police station, agreed that she would pay her in installments.

According to her, the Evangelist gave her N50,000 the first time, the second time N100,000 and “then she made U-turn and brought in a lawyer that she would sue me to court and that she was not owing me N450,000”.

“She even threatened to sack me from Abakaliki if I expose her and make her church collapse.”

The business woman explained that at first she told the police that she would pay the remaining N300,000 in March and asked her to go and withdraw the matter from the police before she now reversed and said that she could not pay the money anymore.

She said the woman of God even went further to call her daughter and accused her of asking her (the evangelist) to use charm against her children and that she was the one who came to her for prayer that she never went to her.

“I want Chioma to pay me my money. She told the police to give her time that she would pay me my money and now she turned back that she is not owing me, that she made the police statement under duress, and that the police was pointing gun at her when she made the statement.

“Let Chioma pay me my money and stop threatening me. She came to my house, I did not go to her house,” she noted.

When contacted on phone, Evangelist Chioma said she was not owing Madam Onyebuchi N450,000 that she was owing her N150,000 which she said she had already paid.

The Evangelist who said that the woman was her best friend, further requested that our reporter should come to her office that it was risky for her to speak with someone she does not know on phone, pointing out that she would explain more about her problem with Madam Onyebuchi.

She also referred our reporter to Ebonyi State Police Area Command where the matter was reported to know the truth of the matter.

Evangelist Chioma denied persuading the woman to bring N450,000 for prayer ritual as alleged by Madam Onyebuchi.

She swore that the God who called her to serve Him would resolve the matter between her and madam Onyebuchi.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Loveth Odah confirmed the report and said investigation was ongoing on the matter and it will soon be charged to court.

She also debunked the allegations by the suspect that she made her statement under duress. She informed the press that the woman earlier agreed that she was owing N450,000 before she changed and said it was only N150,000.

Odah maintained that the police were not debt collectors, noting that it had to intervene because the money was obtained by false pretense.

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