Dr Lawal Haruna, a Nigerian surgeon based in the United Kingdom has been dismissed from duty.

In addition, Haruna who has conducted quite a number of failed operations also dislodged the fallopian tube of another patient who was admitted at a hospital for treatment of an abdominal pain.

The Telegraph News UK also reported another instance of Haruna's sheer incompetence in surgical operations. It was stated that the so-called surgeon mistakenly removed a pad of fat from a patient who had acute appendicitis.

"Dr Haruna was mistaken in his identification of the appendix and removed the ovary and tube in error. This is a serious omission and a breach of duty of care.

"To have mistaken a fat pad for the appendix and to have failed to deal adequately with the pathology suggests a standard of care which is seriously below that expected of a reasonably competent Staff Grade in General Surgery," an expert report reads.

In his defense, Haruna who claims to have 25 years of experience in surgery insisted that the incidents were "trifling errors".

He added that the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar "worm-like structures which lie in a similar area", a reason for his inexcusable error.

Clare Sharp, the chairman of the disciplinary panel pointed out that Haruna, though offered an apology to the patients, showed no real remorse.