With the rate at which they kill innocent people without any provocation, it is becoming more difficult to continue to believe Nigeria is battling mere herdsmen.

Many are now of the opinion that these are terrorists and Mr Abimbola Ayuba, who is a retired air commodore and warfare specialist believes Nigeria needs to reexamine its view of these killers.

“Its important at this stage for us to get the definitions right. What terminologies do we use to define some of these phenomena showing up?

“You call some people herdsmen, are they really herdsmen? Are they foreign terrorist groups? Criminals on their own or sponsored people?

“We need to define who we are dealing with, otherwise we are going to have a situation where we muddle up all these issues in a basket and it becomes difficult to sort out,” he said.

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But somehow, Nigerians, especially those who have been victims do not care what you call them, they just want to be safe in their own country.

Mr Ayuba believes that Nigeria’s negligence towards the early signs has brought it into this situation.

He highlighted the rate of migration within the country and into the country from neighbouring countries as one issues that should have been regulated.

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Moving forward, however, he said that the porosity of Nigeria’s borders remains one of its biggest problems which must be addressed for any other effort to yield result.

“Borders need to be properly fenced, well policed and with all sorts of security surveillance system in place to ensure that the moment there are illegal crossing, they are noticed,” he advised.


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