Last year, Kiss Daniels started a legal battle with his record label, G Worlwide, after he unceremoniously left.

This year, YCee's record label terminated their distribution contract with Sony Music, West Africa.

Quite a number of recording deals in Nigeria end before they expire. t usually comes after label owners and musicians disagree over issues.

Yung6ix, Kiss Daniels, Jaywon, Brymo and Iyanya are some artistes whose relationships with their former record label ended on a sour note.

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Singer and rapper, Phenom, who started his music career 7 years ago, recently returned to the music scene after signing for Trick Billionaire Musiq (TBM).

He spoke to Bounce News about the lessons from his experience in signing for record labels.

"Even the devil blesses, so you have to be careful what you sign. I think when you have issues with your record label you are the one that has a problem.

"Even when I had a Starboy affiliation, if I tell Knighthouse (His former record label), I want to leave I would not tell them the way most of this artistes will tell them.

"I will go to them and beg, they are  not devils, they are  human beings too with feelings. I think artistes lately are  very very spoilt." he said.

He claims that the first five years in his former record label, he slept on the floor in the studio, and never got a house or a car while signed to Knighthouse.

"I think it is the way they go about it trying to leave the record label.

"If you come off arrogant with someone who has helped your career of cause he will drag it with you.

"You have to be humble about it. They might tell you no for awhile; you beg, you can even wear rags to go and beg." he said.

Entertainment lawyer, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, spoke to Bounce News about the problems faced by artistes when dealing with record labels.

"The two parties should treat it like business, its good that they are bringing money, but they should also realize that the artiste is bringing something to the table.

"It is a relationship, which means you make promises, I make promises, and you abide by these promises.

"Most of these record labels do not abide by these promises,and they would now start feeling bad when the artiste is leaving. 

"The truth is that in the course of business, there will be minor misunderstandings, it is important to address, these things, before they get out of hand" he said.