Nigerian Army Officers Seize Lagosian’s iPhone 6

Some Nigerians are hoping that actions of officers of the Nigerian Army would not result to a recent campaign to #EndSars.

They are feeling unsafe around the men that should be protecting them.

On Tuesday evening, a man went on social media to lament how his iPhone 6 was taken from him by two soldiers outside the NAFRC barracks in Oshodi, Lagos.

“@HQNigerianArmy Dear Nigerian Army, My iphone6 was taken by members of the Nigerian army around 6:40pm today Tuesday, April 3rd 2018. My crime was listening to music. I dont have much followers, but I would tweet this every morning i wake up for the rest of the year.

“This happened around oshodi, close to the NAFRC barracks.

“When i tried to resist i was beaten like i was a criminal. This shouldn't be so, i am supposed to feel protected with the military around me.” He lamented.

The Nigerian Army is yet to make a statement at the time of this report.