If from the ongoing presidential and parliamentary election, you think the act of vote buying has reduced, then think again.

INEC’s warnings that all political parties should desist from the act of luring electorates with money during elections obviously fell on deaf ears.

In Oyo state, the February 23 election recorded several cases of vote buying but it appears the perpetrators have only found ways to keep it discreet.

Party agents in some parts of Oyo State were seen giving out money to electorates and we found a way to verify their activities.

A lawmaker representing Ibadan Southeast constituency 1, Mr. Fatai Adesina, was the first to admit the possibility of vote buying when Bounce News sought his view.

He said that vote buying is still very rampant as voters were approached with cash during the election.

"We discovered that vote buying was still very rampant as voters were being wooed through phone calls and texts to vote for a particular candidate" he said.

Beyond Adesina’s words, we also spoke to some Ibadan residents who has personal experiences to share.

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At Ikolaba Ibadan North ward 5 unit 8, an electorate who simply gave his name as Mr. Wale said that the party agent of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was giving out money to voters in order for them to vote for his party

"I was seated waiting to cast my vote when the party agent of APC approached us sitting on the corridor of the school. They gave us a token of 1,000 naira each for us to vote in their party.

"I didn't vote for his party because I already had my candidate who I wanted to vote for, and at the end of the day, APC didn't win in my polling unit despite spending a lot to buy voters conscience," he said.

How did this happen with all the security agents present? Mr Wale said that the money was given to voters quietly in a manner that security officials were not aware of what was happening around them.

"The security agencies were not aware of all the activities happening as the money was given to us quietly.

“At some point they ran out of cash and a woman who holds a high position in the party, came in with cash to disburse to voters who were yet to receive their own share," he explained.

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