One of the leaders of Nigeria's lower federal parliament, Femi Gbajabiamila has called on the electorate to be patient and allow the voting process to continue.

He said this on Saturday in Suru-lere local council area in Lagos where he is contesting to return to the green chamber.  

The lawmaker said although there were some challenges at the start of the poll, the process appears to improving as the hours roll on.

"These people are determined to vote regardless of the delay. There would always be little hitches here and there. There are no perfect situations not even in the most advamced democracies.

"Juts like in the recent mid-terms in America, there were some machines that did not work. It is not something that is peculiar to Nigeria. 

"It might be slow and steady but we are getting there. There has been no violence.

"It has been peaceful. The INEC officials have come, better late than never. They have come with the materials and the materials are working. That's what's important", he said.

#NigeriaDecides: Follow The Process, Join The Conversation

Voting within the metropolis in Lagos has been largely free and fair with more people coming out after midday.

The rains are pouring in at the moment - 130pm. We hope it would not affect the number of those who would participate in the process.