Unlike his counterparts in Gombe and Oyo State, Governor Ibikunle Amosun was successful in his bid to pick a seat in the Senate after his eight years in office as a state governor.

Despite his victory, Governor Amosun claims some party members and leaders of the APC ganged up against his ambition ahead of the election.

Amosun is beating his chest that President Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory in the state was facilitated by his loyalists both in APC and the Allied Peoples Movement.

He also said some APC candidates benefited from the collaboration between APM and APC members during last Saturday’s elections.

He said, “I am happy for the result of the election. People have benefited from it. That is the way life is, people know who they were voting for in the APC.

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“Clearly, when the result was out, check Mr President’s  result and check mine, you will see that there are little differences.”

The governor added, “Those that want us are between  80 and 90 per cent and those that don’t want us are about 10 per cent; that is life.

“I  don’t hate anybody. Truly, I wasn’t taking them seriously that they wanted to gang up against me. But if you see the result of the election, you will know that truly they ganged up against me.

“But that God in me is far greater than the one that is in all of them.”

Already labeled as a hypocrite, Gov. Amosun will be out to prove his political prowess in this Saturday’s Guber polls as he is supporting a candidate in the APM and not the APC where he originally belongs.


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