72 hours after the 2019 presidential elections held, results have continued to trickle in.

Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman, Mahmoud Yakubu alongside state collation officers and other INEC officials, party agents and press men have been gathered at the National Collation Centre, Abuja after it was declared open on Sunday, February 24th.

So far, the results of 27 states have been announced with President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) leading in 15 states, while Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party has 12 states.

See the full list of states APC has won so far.

1. Ekiti

APC won Ekiti with a total of 219,231 votes, while PDP polled 154,032 votes

2. Osun

APC polled a total of 347,634 votes, while PDP got 337,377 votes

3. Kwara

APC polled 308,984 votes, while PDP got 138,184 votes

4. Nassarawa

APC polled 289,903 votes, while PDP got 283,847 votes

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5. Gombe

APC got a total of 402,961 votes, while PDP got 138,484 votes

6. Kogi

APC got a total of 285,894 votes, while PDP 218,287 votes

7. Yobe

APC polled a total of 497,914 votes, while PDP got 50,763 votes

8. Niger

APC polled a total of 613,317 votes, while PDP got 218,052 votes

9. Jigawa

APC polled a total of 794,738 votes, while PDP got 289,895 votes

10. Kaduna

APC polled a total of 993,445 votes, while PDP got 649,612 votes

11. Bauchi

APC polled a total of 798,428 votes, while PDP got 209,313 votes

12. Lagos

APC polled a total of 580,825 votes, while PDP got 448,015

13. Ogun

APC polled a total of 281,762 votes, while PDP got 194,655 votes

14. Plateau

APC polled a total of 468,555 votes, while PDP got 366,690 votes

15. Kano

APC polled a total of 1,464.768 votes, while PDP scored 391,593 votes