Imagine seeing a security official drinking garri with milk and sugar close to you on election day. What will come to mind? 

This is one of the side attractions you may see that will make Nigeria's general elections an interesting one.

But when the talk about ballot box snatching comes to mind, one will remember an official of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) who will be part of the people that will man the ballot box. 

How ready these officials are, however, could be determined by how happy they are with the job they are doing. 

The Nigerian government had made money available for the election and security forces were part of the agencies that were to benefit from this money. 

Come to think of it. they are the first line of people that could be targeted by persons that have brought in foreign currency like President Muhammadu Buhari claimed on Thursday, but a look at the items that have been handed to the NSCDC officials for this election will leave you asking if these persons will not compromise at the sight of money or not. 

Imagine seeing an official of the NSCDC sitting at a discrete position during the election and drinking Garri while observing the electoral process. 

Yes! Garri. This is one of the items in the pack of FRISCO food that was handed to each official of the NSCDC for the election 

Prior to the day these items were handed to them, the Commandant-General of the NSCDC, Mohammed Gana, said the force was ready for the election and that 3.5 billion Naira was made available for the NSCDC for the election. 

He told Leadership News Newspaper that about 56,900 staff of the the NSCDC would be participating in the election.

"We have about 56,900 staff and part of what we applied for has been giving to us.

"About 80% of it will be going into allowances for the personnel in the field and others are for logistics, the sea boats, cars and dogs, which will be actively involved in the elections.

"We have to feed them and take them to various states, local governments and polling booths because we have the canines in places like Kaduna, Abuja and Abeokuta only for now.

"I can tell you that 80% of the amount given to us like allowances have been released. In essence, we were given 3.5 billion Naira and we will spend about 2.5 billion Naira on staff allowances, the rest is for fuelling, feeding and the rest.

"We intend to use the packaged instant military food that staff can cook instantly while on duty so that they won’t have the problem of moving from their duty post to go and look for food.

"We don’t have money for the instant military food package because it was not budgeted for, but I intend to squeeze out of what we have to buy these foods for our staff so that they will be comfortable," the Leadership quoted him as saying.  

Added to the number of NSCDC staff are additional "30,000 volunteers and we intend to use them to complement our regular staff on the field so that we will cover all polling booths in the country".

Food pack for nscdc officials in the general elect

But on Thursday, packs of FRISCO food were given to the officials of the NSCDC and each pack contained in it, jollof rice, Spaghetti, Garri (2 packs), sweet, granite (for instant cooking of the ready to eat packs), spoon, fork, boiling pack and others. 

All the items were packed inside the big pack of FRISCO food. 

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One question that comes to mind is whether these items will cost more than 3,000 Naira for each park? 

If we go by this amount, the total cost of these items for packs for the 56,900 added to the 30,000 volunteers will be 260.7 million Naira.

This entire pack is meant for the February 23 and the March 9 elections. 

But the force says it will spend 1 billion Naira on the food for the officials of NSCDC.

This is just another work for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. 

But officials of the NSCDC that shared their concerns with Bounce News said cooking the food would take up to 20 minutes of the time which they are supposed to use in monitoring the process.

Some said they would have preferred that the money for the food was given to them to fend for themselves.  

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