The day was sunny when some residents of Bayelsa State, arrived at the Maritime office located at the outskirt of Swali market.

The office is responsible for water transportation in the state.

Those who wished to embark on a journey usually arrive early and book for it.

Each speed boat load not more than 14 passenger and some goods during each trip.

By 11:00 a.m. a day before the election, some staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), arrived at Swali Water Front with sensitive and non-sensitive materials, amid tight security.

Some community leaders and card carrying party members, were also present.

The presence of heavily armed military men scared some passengers and they left the vicinity. Those who stayed, were restricted from loitering about.

Shortly after, some corp members arrived with their over-night bags.

The process of negotiations and loading of the materials into big local boats, started.

While materials were been loaded, corp members present, stood in clusters complaining and arguing with each other.  

Youth corps members going to election location

Swali Water Front where corps members boarded boats

Miss Abiodun Adeniyi, a serving corps member told Bounce News that despite the fact they were not properly mobilised, they were expected to pay for their transportation.

"INEC wants us to contribute money and pay for our transportation."

Frowning, she continued: "We are risking our lives and expected to pay for the risk?" she asked.

"Apart from security, l don't expect anything from them."

At Hospital Road Jetty located at the Ministry of Transportation, a total of 14 buses conveyed materials to the water front.

Meanwhile, instead of mattresses for sleeping as promised by lNEC, mats were seen.

Despite their identification cards, people were thoroughly searched before they could be allowed into the premises.

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By 2:35 p.m., while materials were been loaded into 12 boats, hawkers were allowed into the premises to sell snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, water and recharge cards to the people.

A corp member, Mr Tolani Akinwande, told our correspondent that he was posted to Opuama, a community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

"I was not paid and not even sure of accommodation right now.

"At least, they would have mobilised us all before now."

He, however, complained about night movement.

"It is getting late and l don't like night travel but l know God will see us through he prayed.

By 6:45 p.m., 12 boats loaded with voting materials, lNEC staff, corp members and heavily armed military men, left Yenagoa en-route Southern ljaw communities.

It was a ride into the waters usually sailed by militants and oil, thieves. 

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