Former President Goodluck Jonathan wants you to 'borrow liver' [become tough] this Independence. 

If you are not celebrating Nigeria's Independence Day, the former Nigerian President wants you to and he also brought a message of hope for a better Nigeria.

He posted his message on his Facebook page, making a few observations and then adding a message of assurance for Nigerians. 

"As we mark our nation’s 58th Independence Anniversary, my message to Nigerians is that we should keep faith with the vision of our founding fathers of a Nigeria founded on unity, faith, love and hope," he said.

There are diverse views as to how things have turned in Nigeria, including the nation becoming the headquarter of poverty in the world.

This situation was also mentioned by the former president who said: "I know things are tough, especially with Nigeria recently becoming the world headquarters for extreme poverty.

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"But I know even much more that tough times never last but tough people do".

The former President has something in him that gives him courage that "Nigerians are a tough people".

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He says: "Evidence of that abounds in our strength in adversity and most especially amongst our youth who continue to make us proud".

Dr. Jonathan concluded his post by summarising his message to Nigerians on the nation's 58th Independence Day in a sentence.

"Things will get better. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all her people," he added.

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