It looks like young people might just have to wait a bit longer to see their political dreams light up Nigeria's political map.

Even with president Muhammadu Buhari giving himself and his administration a pat on his back during his Independence Day speech.

“In the past three years we have introduced many policies and programs targeted at youth development and youth empowerment.

"We support the ‘not too young to run’ legislation aimed at giving the youths greater say in our national politics and governance”, Buhari declared while he spoke on October 1.

Yet in May 2018, when he signed  the ‘Not Too Young’ to run bill into law, the idea of the bill is to reduce the age of running for elective positions for House of Assembly and House of Representatives from 30 year old to 25 year old, Senate and Governorship from 35 year old to 30 year old and office of the president from 40 to 30 and independent candidature in Nigeria.

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Buhari made three statements that made it seem like the dreams of people as young as 25 seeking political position in the country has been put on hold.

First, Buhari has declared his intention to seek re-election in 2019 and should he emerge victorious, he will be in charge until 2023, so he pleaded with young political campaigners to allow him complete his 8 years.

“Please can I ask you to postpone your campaigns till after the 2019 elections?!”, Buhari pleaded with his young campaigners.

He also pointed out that the age limits of the senate and governors were not reduced as originally proposed by the sponsors of this bill, and promised to address it. Which he did not.

“Surprisingly, the age limits for senators and governors was not reduced, as originally proposed by the sponsors of this bill. This is an issue that may need to be addressed going forward”, Buhari said.

Also, Buhari said he felt that a lot of young Nigerians who want to seek elective positions were not prepared for the task ahead and needed to work more on their political pedigree.

According to Buhari; “It may be tempting for you to think of this as the end of the journey. However, it is only the beginning; there is still a lot of work ahead”

So, for young people who have placed their hopes on the dividends of ‘Not Too Young To Run’, they will have to be patient abi.

But would you still pat Buhari on the back for at least passing it?

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