On Tuesday, Nigeria launched a scheme to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) to places not linked by pipelines.

This, according to officials, is to help supply power plants and industries with cheaper, cleaner fuel.

Under the new plan, the state oil firm, the Nigerian unit of France’s Total and Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Ltd (GACN) would deliver gas to a small LNG plant run by Nigeria’s Greenville LNG.

Greenville would deliver the gas to industries and companies around the nation using trucks which would themselves be powered by LNG.

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“Greenville will transport products with specialised LNG trucks, which have the capacity to travel about 1,000 km on LNG before refuelling,” GACN Managing Director, Morgan Okwoche said.

He said LNG was cheaper and lighter to transport than other fuel, so it is not expected to damage the roads. The trucks could supply areas not linked by pipeline to create what he called a “virtual pipeline” network.

Nigeria's Oil Minister, Ibe Kachikwu said investors “have been looking for how to be able to access and distribute gas in the absence of pipelines.”

“This is not to take the need away from the pipelines, we are going to continue to work on providing pipelines,” he said.

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