Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is one thing that the Nigerian government is not willing to throw its weight behind.

It's an act that should be seen as a grave threat to the collective security of every life on earth, a Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nation said.

Professor Tijjani Bande delivered this position in his statement at the Security Council Open Debate on Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He believes that a world free of nuclear weapons would be an ideal society.

“I wish to reaffirm Nigeria’s commitment to the ideal of a nuclear-free world.

“We regard the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery as a grave threat to our collective security.

“This indeed is a global challenge that requires concerted and sustained effort on the part of the international community, including the Security Council.

“In recent times, the risk of non-state actors, including terrorists acquiring, developing, manufacturing and using nuclear, chemical and biological weapons remains a serious threat to global peace and security.

“Terrorists and their sponsors have shown the intent and, at least in the case of chemical weapons, some capability to develop and acquire weapons of mass destruction and to use them.”

According to him, Nigeria believes that the establishment of nuclear weapons-free zones across the world is a potent tool to prevent the vertical and horizontal proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.