Former Head of State retired Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda has called on old generation politicians to give younger ones the chance to steer the ship of Nigeria.

Babangida made this known when a new political movement, “The New Nigeria” visited him at his Hilltop Residence in Minna, on Sunday.

He said history had shown that a nation progresses better in the hands of its younger generation.

"The older generation must give way for the new one.

"We have become analogue but this is a digital age; so the young people should be supported to use their digital knowledge to move the country forward,” he said.

IBB said he and other like-minds had, as far back in 1989, advocated the possibility of handing over the country’s leadership to younger people who have the passion and zeal to propel it on the path of development and growth but the older generation was recalcitrant.

Citing the example of former military leader, General Yakubu Gowon, IBB said at 31, "Gowon did well in keeping the country together and developing its infrastructure some of which are visible up till today", and added that "some of us assumed leadership at a very young age", the general said.