The administration of the All Progressive Congress led by Buhari clinched power on the mantra of 'fight against corruption' because Nigerians want corruption to end.

That fight has continued, but corruption has also continued to fight back, as it appears to have dined with so many Nigerians, with many of them not even considering the long spoon at the dining table.

"It is a war that we will continue to fight,” the current administration has said several times, even though a major opposition party has accused the government of witch-hunting its members.

On Saturday night, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo highlighted one major thing that Nigerians will do to end the scourge of corruption.


It is a hard truth, but the Vice President, said it anyways, as he addresses a gathering at the launch of Corruption Busters by Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption (CYIAC), a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Osinbajo said: "We should re-examine ourselves and move toward changing our perception and our country will one day, overcome this menace known as corruption".

According to him, the president says that, “if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will definitely kill us”, which is why he had given strict instructions on tackling corruption.

He said that no nation can survive with the presence of corruption in its system.

"We need strong willed men and women who are committed to fighting corruption.

"Though we have had notable committed persons, but we need more people who are crusaders and zealous," he said.

The Vice President stressed that one of the very important resources in tackling corruption is not just arresting victims and detaining them, but reforming them.

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The Vice-President commended the CYIAC group for taking a bold step in complimenting the efforts of the government by reaching out to the youths.

“I have not lost my zeal in this commitment to fight corruption especially with the involvement of the young people who are vulnerable targets in building or loosing integrity,” he said.

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