Mr Rochas Okorocha may not be popular for this one, especially among those campaigning for the restructuring of Nigeria.

The Imo State Governor believes the restructuring idea is not necessary as it will not make Nigeria better.

For him, only repackaging can attract huge investors to Nigeria and help boost its economy and that is what Nigeria needs now.

“Many people have defined restructuring just to benefit their geo-political zones.

“To the South Easterners, restructuring means creation of an additional state, while it may mean resource control to other geo-political zones”, he said.

The governor added that Nigeria’s major problem is that it has been presented in the bad light to other nations of the world and this made it non-marketable to the international communities.

“We are not the worst nation in the world in terms of corruption but we have been presented as the worst nation.

Since he was speaking at the 67th annual conference of Broadcasting Organizations of Nigeria (BON), Mr Okorocha found a way to drag broadcasters into the matter.

He said BON as critical stakeholders must be in the forefront of the campaign against restructuring, but rather sell the massage of repackaging.

“I urge BON to see Nigeria as its project and repackage it so that we can regain our lost glories”, he said.

Okorocha also appealed to BON to also give the less privileged the opportunity to be heard considering high cost of electronic media subscription.

In his address, the BON Chairman Mr. John Momoh said the main aim of the meeting was to brainstorm on how to proffer solutions to Nigerian problems.

He also said part of the group’s agenda was to suggest ways to strengthen BON for it to continue to serve as watch dog to political office holders.

According to him, it is the responsibility of BON to bring the feelings of the people to government and also let the people know their civic responsibilities.

He commended the governor for his huge developmental projects which he said have changed the face of Imo state.