So, Nigeria has this ambitious goal of connecting all 36 state capitals by rail.

Even the President is excited by the plan as he has directed the other day that it is a task that must be accomplished.

But on Tuesday, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, said a whopping $36 billion, which translate to 11 trillion naira would be required to make that dream a reality.

Coincidentally, it is part of the funds that the Federal Government is seeking to borrow from Asia, America and Europe.

Speaking as a guest during a radio programme in Abuja on Tuesday, the minister said, “When I spoke I didn’t say the money ($36bn) was there.

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“I was asked how much we would need to take the rail transport to various state capitals. I said that we would need about $36 billion and that includes the two deep seaports that we want to construct, one in Bonny and the other in Warri.

“Don’t forget that all railway transport in Nigeria should terminate at the seaports and at the airports, if you must do a modular kind of transportation.

“And even if you have the $36 billion, this current government cannot spend all that money to construct railways. What we are saying is that that is the projection for the construction.”

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