It is high time more responsible persons are elected to be local government chairmen and councilors in Nigeria.

Otherwise, the Nigerian economy and its political system may never be better than it currently is.

The senator representing Oyo South, Adesoji Akanbi aligns with this view and says one of the first steps in making the change is scrapping the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC).

The senator was the guest of Fresh FM Ibadan on Saturday, December 29, 2018 where he discussed national issues and his role as he battles to retain his seat in the Senate.

With campaign for the 2019 elections getting more intense, Senator Akanbi was faced with a question regarding his chances of victory against state governor Abiola Ajimobi who is believed to be in control of all the state structure.

Asides expressing confidence that his performance and integrity would give him victory over Ajimobi, Akanbi noted that the idea of the governor controlling electoral structures is a problem to Nigeria’s democracy and the masses and the economy are the biggest losers.

“I have been an advocate of scrapping or eradicating the State Independent Electoral Commission because there should be nothing of such.

“It’s just a parastatal under the armpit of state governor purposely for this.

“But thank God people are seeing the picture. They’ve been saying no to the governor himself and to those councilors and chairmen.

“We are talking about poverty amongst our people and the so-called councilors and chairmen have no covenant with the people.

“They only have covenant with one person – the people who selected them. Some of them don’t even know how many communities there are in the local governments.

“They don’t know how many homes, they have no idea of health centres in their local governments because they weren’t prepared for it. They didn’t campaign for that slot.

“So, in a way, we must eradicate the so-called State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) organizing local government election and take it back to INEC,” he said.

The senator, who prides himself as a special breed from the old school, believes that campaigning and consulting are the best ways to bond with the masses.

Therefore, leaders who cannot bond with their people should not be forced on the people through agencies like the SIEC.

Senator Adesoji Akanbi is the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate for the Oyo South senatorial election in 2019.

He faces a battle to retain his seat against Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo state who controversially grabbed the APC ticket and forced Soji Akanbi out of the party.

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