“I am happy that one of those who left to bring a messiah, have realised that the so-called messiah they brought is no longer the messiah that Nigerians expect. The PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) is the only hope for Nigeria.”

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, said this at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Wednesday when the former Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido visited him.

Lamido was in Port -Harcourt to notify Wike of his intention to vie for the position of the President in 2019.

Wike declared that Nigeria is in a coma, saying only the PDP can revive the country.

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He described the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party of strangers with no knowledge of the intricacies of development.

Wike also claimed that the APC thrived in politics of mischief and engaging in high-level intimidation, corruption and dirty political schemes to compel defection of the PDP members to its fold.

“If you defect to the APC, you are no longer corrupt. The APC is a party of daylight deceit," the governor stated.

He said the current political and economic situation in Nigeria required politicians with courage to rescue the country.


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