He has ruled Nigeria as a military Head of State, and he appears to have seen it all, that is why he is preaching unity.

Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar implored Nigerians to think and reason together on how to prevent the Nigerian State from sliding into complications.

This was stated at the maiden edition of General Abdulsalam Abubakar Foundation peace lecture tagged Collaborative Peace Building In Nigeria, organized by the staff and students of the post graduate hall, University of Ibadan at the Trenchard hall.

Abubakar said the warning signs are there and that things could get worse for the country if not properly managed.

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"It is time to put our house in order, we must not carry our luck too far. Nigeria is being battered from different fronts but we are a strong nation"

“Some Nigerians advocate the dismemberment of the country. Sudan did this but the crisis in South Sudan is today greater than what was experienced when Sudan was United. We are many and of different identities, when brought together, the Image of Nigeria is that of a rainbow. How do we leverage on the beauty of the rainbow rather than focus endlessly on the fact that the rainbow has many colours?" he asked.

He further encouraged all to work for the unity of the nation, “we should all work for peace, think positively about Nigeria because we have no other place to run to should the country be engulfed in a fire”.

Sen. Ajimobi in his speech stated that Oyo State is one of the peaceful states in Nigeria. He described Abdulsalam as a peaceful and very accommodating man who still remains the only one that never nursed the ambition of coming back into government after he left. 

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