It's been a while we heard from him but he appears more visible now, making strong statements.

Can this be attributed to the revival of his party – PDP? Or, perhaps, the new lease of life being enjoyed by the PDP in Osun state, particularly the election of the dancing Senator Ademola Adeleke?

Iyiola Omisore is a former Chairman Senate Committee on Appropriation, but he believes Nigeria, as it is, has no government.

Speaking at a lecture in Ile Ife, Osun State, Senator Omisore said the current socio-political and economic situation in the country has greatly shown that Nigeria as a country is in dire need of leadership who is in control of its governance.

We assume he must mean the kind of leadership that he provided as a former Deputy Governor of Osun State and the type the PDP is currently providing in the states they govern.

He bemoaned the dilly-dallying attitude of the APC-led administration as portraying the country as one lacking in direction and will.

Omisore said while driving from Abuja to Ile Ife for the programme, he met over 27 road accidents on the way.

This meant that the infrastructural base of the country has continued to rot while the government chases after shadows.

Of course, all the complaints ended with a covert campaign, “We need to have a rethink. There must be a change in this country to a better government in future,” he said.

Change? Again?