Nigeria and Ecuador are near the cementing of a visa-free agreement aimed at strengthening bilateral relations.

Though it has not become effective, Ecuadorian Ambassador to Nigeria, Deopoldo Rovayo, is optimistic that it will eventually give nationals of both country an opportunity to visit each other’s country without having to apply for a visa.

Ecuador is a South American Country with a 16.39 million population.

Ravavo met with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olukunle Bamgbose, on Wednesday.

Talks at the meeting focused on how Nigeria and Ecuador could strengthen bilateral ties especially in the communication sector.

He believes the visa-free agreement is necessary since the number of Nigerians in Ecuador is increasing.

“The purpose of my visit was to further cement the bilateral relations between Ecuador and Nigeria.

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“The two countries have agreed to sign an agreement to enable our citizens to visit one another without a visa.

“There are approximately about one thousand Nigerians living in Ecuador and the number would continue to rise,” he told the Permanent Secretary.

Ambassador Bamgbose then assured the envoy that the Nigerian government would work with Ecuador on how to implement the non-visa agreement.

One area both countries are also witnessing growth is trade and  Bamgbose also highlighted this.

It was not clear what clauses would be attached to the visa-free agreement.