Although the cut-throat Islamic terrorists Boko have been ‘technically’ defeated by Nigerian soldiers, President Buhari’s government will be spending $1 billion, about 306 billion naira to keep fighting them.

On Thursday, Nigerian state governors gave approval for the release of the amount from the excess crude account to the government to help keep the heat on the violent extremists.

In case you are wondering, the excess crude account is the account that holds excess dollars earned from sales of crude oil.

The money in the account currently totals $2.3 billion, according to Nigeria’s accountant general but after this deduction, $1.3 billion would now be left.

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“We are pleased with the federal government achievements in the insurgency war and in that vein state governors have approved that the sum of $1 billion be taken from the excess crude account by the federal government to fight the insurgency war to its conclusion,” Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki told reporters after a meeting of the national economic council.

“The money will cover the whole array of needs which includes purchase of equipment, training for military personnel and logistics,” he added.

The insurgency in the northeast is in its ninth year. Deadly attacks on the military and civilians continue, and large areas are still out of government control.

With the release of this fund, the question on everyone’s minds is how much difference will there be in the insurgency war?

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