Lack of agricultural equipment has stunted the growth of Nigeria's agriculture sector.

It has become a disincentive for young people who shy away from farming.

But now, the Nigerian government has decided to do something about it by partnering with the Brazilian government to provide machines to Nigerian farmers.

On Thursday, the Nigerian and the Brazilian government inaugurated a $1.1 billion, 396 billion-naira agricultural mechanisation programme that covers the entire agricultural value chain.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo inaugurated the initiative, tagged “The Green Imperative” at an event attended by the Brazilian ambassador to Nigeria, Ricardo Guerra de Araujo.

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Osinbajo said that the project was a crucial component in the president’s signature focus on agriculture as the centrepiece of Nigeria’s economic diversification efforts.

“As a policy issue, we were clear that without mechanization at the bottom of the Agric pyramid in Nigeria, we would not be able to make the quantum leap in agriculture production capacity and create high-quality Agric and agro-allied jobs,” he said.

“The programme was designed as a combination of service centres where technical capacity and training will occur, to the local assembly of tractors and other agriculture machine and processing centres where agro-processing will be done.”

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