Nigeria’s agricultural potential is still far from being fully tapped.

All Nigerian States have vast arable land that are still uncultivated.

Niger state alone has a landmass of 8.6m sq km and more than 80 percent of the land is arable.

The State has many rivers and dams and these make it a destination for investments in Agriculture.

This is one of the reasons the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, believes the state in central Nigeria can feed the entire Africa, if its potentials were harnessed.

Niger State has the capacity to produce assorted food crops that will feed the African continent, Professor Osinbajo told a gathering at the opening of an Economic Summit holding in the state.

The theme for the two-day summit is “Impact Investment for Advancing Agricultural Economy and Innovation” and it is holding in Minna.

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It attracted economic experts, industrialists, manufacturers and some state governors across Nigeria.

The state government wants to attract investors in various fields to boost its economy.

Osinbajo commended Governor Abubakar Bello for organising the conference, noting that it would assist in attracting various investors, especially in the agricultural sector.

The acting president wants the state governments to assist farmers with alternative sources of power, to enable them to process and preserve their farm produce.

According to him, the Federal Government is ready to partner with state governments willing to rehabilitate federal infrastructure in their areas.

“Niger State Government is collaborating with the Federal Government to complete Baro Port.

“Renewable energy is the way forward to increase the capacity of villagers and farmers for agricultural investment.

“There is the need to improve on roads infrastructure for enhanced agricultural development in the state,” the acting president said.

Earlier, Governor Bello said that the state had large deposits of natural resources ranging from hydro carbon at the Bida Basin, gold, copper, tin, iron ore, tantalite, Kaoline and clay.

He said the potentials in the mining sector were wholly untapped and open for investment.