Jewel Environmental Initiatives, a non-governmental organisation in Gombe is extending its hands of kindness to a school in Gombe State.

It has planted 200 trees in Kurba Community Day Secondary School in Kurba community in Yamaltu Deba local government in Gombe state.

Isma'ila Umar Bima, the coordinator of the NGO told Bounce News that the gesture is to save the school and the community from ecological problems and desert encroachment.

"So many places that farmers use to cultivate have now turned to desert and cannot be farmed on," he said.

"We took this tree planting campaign to this school as part of our efforts to make sure that children in school are taught the importance of tree planting and it's benefits to the society."

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The NGO also donated trees to the community which have been suffering from windstorm that have pull-down roofs of number houses including some part of the community school in the area.

Village head of the community Ibrahim Isah Kurba said that they have been suffering from windstorm and erosion problems in the community as result of the flat lands and lack of trees which would help in reducing force of the wind on their houses.

Chairman of the Parents Teachers Association PTA of the school, Isah Aliyu Kurba said, “With this development in this school, we have seen the end of our donation of money to renovate or rebuild parts of the school that have always been affected by windstorm or heavy rain."

He added that the benefits tree planting to the environment and mankind are unquantifiable as the entire community will forever remain grateful to the organization.

Kurba community is one out of communities that lacking access road in Gombe state despite what the present administration has done in term of provision roads across the state.

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