PSG needed two own goals before they could secure a 2-0 win over Lyon on Sunday.

This is a clear indication that they will have to fight for their place at the top of the table.

But signs of apparent tension between Edison Cavani and the world's most expensive player, Neymar can stand in their way if not resolved.

Lyon’s errors and PSG’s misses are not the talking points of the match but an argument that ensued between Cavani and Neymar on who to take a penalty they were awarded.

Cavani won the argument only to then miss the spot kick.

Dani Alves also got involved in a disagreement over a free-kick and gave the ball to his fellow Brazilian, Neymar.

The media threw this drama straight at the coach after the game and he said: "I have told them to sort it out between themselves.

"The penalties are to be struck by a few players, one is Cavani and the other is Neymar.

"It takes a gentleman's agreement on the pitch to take the penalties. Afterwards, we will arrange internally for the penalties, because I think both are able to score them, and I want the two to alternate in this exercise.

"If there is no agreement, I will decide. I do not want it to be a problem for us."

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