As we step into the New Year, we are all taking stock of how the previous year was for us and already planning how to be better in 2019.

Skin whitening was a big trend in Nigeria in 2018.

And speaking of better, as far as beauty and makeup go in Nigeria, there are several trends which Naija women held onto so much in 2018 that we need to let go off in 2019.

Let’s just pick out 3 of these trends and talk about them one after the other.

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1. Body glitter: When the skin shimmer trend just surfaced earlier in 2018, the goal was primarily to give new brides a unique kind of glow on their wedding day (which was understandable). But eventually, it became so popular that nearly every party guest and their mothers were spraying on body glitter and looking like mobile bronze statues at different events. Leave it to some Nigerian women to abuse a trend – some went as far as dousing themselves in glitter till they literally became luminous! Please our aunties and mommies, can we kindly leave this nightmare in 2018? 

2. Skin glow: Every woman likes to look beautiful and be admired; we understand that, but can we please stop ‘stylishly’ bleaching our skin all in the name of trying to have glowing skin? There’s a clear difference between glowing and lightening, or whitening for that matter. All this so-called organic skin care brands advertising ‘Snow White’ creams and ‘brightening’ lotions that promise beautiful skin should please repent. Nigeria is already topping the world wide chart for skin bleaching, so let’s please tone it down (pun intended). Let’s start preaching self-love and stop trying to convince women that their skin tone is not beautiful enough and needs to be improved. That’s a big fat lie!

3. Vampire nails: Thanks to Cardi B who made ridiculously long and overly embellished nails popular, Nigerian women now walk around with bizarre looking claws like vampires. Gone are the days when moderate manicures were regarded as cool, nowadays, it’s “the longer, the better.” Just because those nails look good on a celebrity who spends her life in front of camera, doesn’t mean you with a regular 9 to 5 job and 3 kids to take care of should also rock skyscraper nails. This is one copycat trend that should end with the new year.