So, the mobile phone industry has become a huge money spinner for Nigeria.

According to a new survey by the Global System for Mobile Association, GSMA, the mobile technology ecosystem generated $1.8 billion, about 549-billion-naira revenue in form of taxes to the Nigerian government in 2017.

Findings by GSMA indicated that the total tax contribution of the mobile ecosystem in the year under review was equivalent to 16% of government tax revenue.

The association, in its report entitled, ‘Spotlight on Nigeria: Delivering a digital future’, also said the mobile ecosystem accounted for 5.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in the same year, which is $21 billion.

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In addition, the report stated that the business activities of operators in the GSM industry had also created 500,000 jobs for Nigerians.

The mobile ecosystem is made up of original equipment manufacturers, the mobile network operators, the content and infrastructure providers and other support services providers.

According to GSMA, mobile technology is having a direct and positive impact on the daily lives of Nigerians, by fostering inclusive growth and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the economy.

“Growth in the adoption of digital services by government, businesses, and consumers is having a positive impact on daily life in Nigeria.

“Mobile technology is playing an increasingly central role in the country’s economy and, for the majority of Nigerians, mobile broadband is the first and only technology for accessing the Internet, opening the door to a whole new world,” the report stated.

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