Women love God and they don’t hide it.

If you doubt it, a visit to any church in Nigeria today will convince you.

As it turns out, that is also the case even in the West, including the United States, where many don't even believe in God let alone go to church.

This new research by Pew Research Centre has shown that men in the United States are generally less religious than women.

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And while this pattern holds true among black Americans – black women tend to be more religious than black men – black men are still a highly religious group.

In fact, black men are not only more religious than white men, but they also tend to be more religious than white women, the Pew Research Center analysis shows.

Black men are also more religious than Hispanic men and at least as religious as Hispanic women on several key indicators of religious observance.

Most black men are highly religious – but not as religious as black women.

About seven-in-ten (69%) black men say religion is very important to them, compared with 80% of black women. But black men place more importance on religion than white women (55%) and Hispanic women (65%), according to the 2014 Religious Landscape Study.

The same dynamic holds true when it comes to belief in God. Roughly eight-in-ten (78%) black men say they believe in God with “absolute certainty,” a higher level of belief than is found among white women (67%) and Hispanic women (65%), though, again, lower than the level of belief seen among black women (86%).