The name Soka reminds us of one thing, kidnapping and ritual killing, thanks to that breakthrough by the police some years ago.

Since then, the area which used to be a den of killers, has been cleaned up from the jungle it used to be and has become a peaceful residential area.

But in recent weeks, residents of the Soka area have been living in palpable fear over the land dispute between some landowners.

Residents of the community besieged the Oyo state secretariat with placards bearing various inscriptions on Monday.

The residents, led by Mr Ayo Akinsola, said that they were at the secretariat on a “Save-Our-Soul’’ mission over the land dispute.

He said that one of the landowners once visited the neighbourhood with a court judgment, warning the residents and house owners to vacate the area.

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“As I am talking to you, a faction, which claimed to have obtained the purported court judgment, has invaded the area presently with thugs, threatening the residents and extorting money from them.

“Two weeks ago, the same people came with policemen and a bulldozer; they destroyed no fewer than 30 buildings,’’ he said.

Akinsola said that different landowners had been threatening the residents on the issue which had led to the destruction of more than 30 buildings at the area.

He said that residents were ready to agree with whoever was the authentic owner of the land, and appealed to the government to intervene and resolve the matter once and for all.

Mr Isaac Omodewu, the Commissioner for Lands, Housing and Survey, was on hand to listen to their cry.

He asked them to remain calm, pending the Oyo state government’s intervention in the land dispute.

He also urged them to avoid confrontation and remain law-abiding citizens, pledging that the government would soon deal with the matter.