Unexpected and adverse change in climate has brought many problems.

In some parts of the world, climate change has made it impossible for the earth to yield more foods.

Attempts to augment this shortage has led to the production of unhealthy foods worsening health conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

Reports say nearly a billion people are hungry and another two billion are eating too much of the wrong foods, causing epidemics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

To defeat these intertwined pandemics of obesity, hunger and climate change, a new report released on Monday is asking governments to curb the political influence of major corporations.

The report also calls for a 'global treaty' like one for tobacco control.

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But this will not happen unless ordinary citizens demand a "radical rethink" of the relationship between policymakers and business, nearly four dozen experts from 'The Lancet Commission on Obesity' concluded.

"Powerful opposition from vested interests, lack of political leadership, and insufficient societal demand for change are preventing action," they said in a statement.

Unhealthy diets account for up to 11 million premature deaths every year, according to the most recent Global Disease Burden report.

"Malnutrition in all its forms -- including undernutrition and obesity -- is by far the biggest cause of ill-health and premature deaths globally," said Commission co-chair Boyd Swinburn, a professor at the University of Aukland.

"Both undernutrition and obesity are expected to be made significantly worse by climate change."

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